If I was going to stay a Christian, I was going to have to rethink and believe better about my religion.

Like jillions of others, I grew up in a church where the Bible had an answer for everything, except when it got in its own way - but even then, we’d just pick the parts that made our point and dismissed the conflicts. I did well with it for a good while and for several years was even an ordained Bishop in a Pentecostal denomination.

Then I backslid. Then I found Jesus again. Then I backslid again…

It took me a while, but eventually, I found there’s a better way to follow Jesus, a better way to love God, and a better way to believe.

My safe place is my home. It’s my retreat, my refuge, my place where I am most real. I can listen to my music, read my books, watch my TV, eat my food, and just be me. It’s also where I tend to get quiet… and hear… and learn.

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Imagine if we all believed the best parts about God instead of the worst. What if we all set aside what we we've been believing and considered a better way to believe? What if our world became better because we did?


thinker/communicator, singer/songwriter, Mason's husband, dad of two, and g'pa of four - co-pastor of Bluegrass UCC in Lexington, KY